Rylos Spaceport Full Table


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This set has 17  model kits, with 60 individual pieces of terrain!

The Rylos Space Port is located on Kharona IV, and is primarily used by the various syndicates to transport drugs, weaponry, and even less savory cargo. It is also infamous for its bloody gunfights between warring criminal organizations, and is a hot-spot for bounty hunters and legal outfits looking to capture or kill wanted felons. As a result, there has been a buildup of armed forces from both the security outfits that protect the civilians using the port and the vicious syndicates that want to use it to outfit pirate vessels and smuggle illicit goods.

It has recently been announced that the spaceport on Kharona IV is going to be receiving a massive shipment of precious cargo hailing from the Zentraid system. Accompanying it will be a full outfit of colonial marines and any paramilitary corporations that have agreed to take on the contract. The military forces know that this is a tempting target for pirates and criminals looking to take advantage of the vulnerable craft, and have prepared accordingly. Though the exact contents of the shipment are unknown, it is fact that anyone who is brave enough to take on the convoy would be one of the most powerful individuals in the entire known galaxy.

The Rylos Station includes the following:

  • Arctec TL-42
  • Barricades
  • Cargo Set
  • Storage Pods
  • Rylos Control Tower
  • Digital Billboard
  • Drop Ship N1138
  • Fozzil Fuel Depot
  • Fozzil Fuel Trucks
  • Jumper
  • Kessel Repair Shop
  • Paxton Freight
  • Paxton Freight Trucks
  • Rylos Flight Center
  • Saturn 3 – Exploration Vessel
  • Starfury X-2110 – Cargo Ship

The Rylos Space Port Terrain Kit is designed to be a self-contained battlefield, that can be organized in any way for endless replay value. All of the buildings have playable interiors as well, giving your troops places to take a break from the action and to hold down strategic assets.

Suitable for 28mm – 35mm Scale.  Kits come unassembled and unpainted, and are made from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF),  and heavy duty card stock, and plastic pieces. Miniatures for scale purpose only and are not included.


Earn up to 470 Points.