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We are doing a pre-order campaign for our Cockpit Simulator that will end 10/31/2019.

There are 2 videos for you to watch, (Scroll Down) the first is a product demo video that if you have already watched the one on Kickstarter you can skip (there isn’t anything that you haven’t already seen), and the second that will explain what happened with the Kickstarter, why we are doing a 30 pre order campaign, and how it will work. PLEASE be sure to watch the second video, it has all info that you are going to need.

We have printed instructions as well as video here:, you will need to provide your own: wire, zip ties and batteries, but everything else is included with the kit.

We have a Facebook Group that you can request to join if you have questions or want to discuss something: 

If you are not on Facebook, but have questions feel free to email us at:


Cockpit Simulator Video



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