If this is your first MDF terrain we highly encourage you to watch the FAQ, Tips and Tricks video.

This video will answer basic questions like kind of glue to use, how to paint your product, and how best to put your terrain together.

We also have video on working with Oilboard and Acrylic that will help you get the best results possible out of your kits.

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact us.

FAQ, Tips and Tricks

Working With Oil Board

Entry Level Painting Examples

Working With Acrylic

Although we have several different versions of our paint racks, all of the same designs go together in the same manner so we do not have individual instructions for each version.

Universal Paint Rack Instructions

Top Shelf Instructions

Eye Dropper Wall Hanging Rack Instructions

Adjustable Shelf Wall Hanging Unit Instructions

Paint Carrying Case Instructiuons

Universal Paint Rack Video

Eyedropper Paint Rack Video

There are a few very important things that you need to know about taking care of your tiles.

The grid lines are laser etched into the acrylic, so there is a top side and bottom side to the tiles which gives you the added bonus of being able to color the lines if you want. However, this is a PERMANENT decision. Once you mark the tiles in this way you won’t be able to remove or change the color. So when you are using the Tiles make sure you have the TOP SIDE UP.

Colored tiles

If want, you can color the lines on the tile. This can be accomplished by using any thin point permanent marker. Just turn the tile over to the side that has been engraved (where the lines have been cut into the acrylic, you can feel it with your finger), then mark over them with the color you want, and wipe the excess off.

We suggest that you try them with the lines the way they are at first to see how you like it. We’ve made the lines in such a way that they show up well on any surface, including white, as you can see in our picture of the 6 tile set.

Your Tiles will come with a protective paper on the front of them. To remove it, just peal it away. If it is being difficult to get off, use a blowdryer and heat up the paper side for a moment, and this will loosen the glue and make it easier to peel off.

The Tiles can be drawn on using any Dry or Wet Erase markers. However, we have found that these work best.

Quartet® Dry-Erase Paint Markers

For the proper care and cleaning of your tiles, please see this article.

Proper Tile Cleaning

Our Carrying Case is made out of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), it will hold 24 tiles as well as the connector pieces, and requires assembly. But don’t worry it’s incredibly easy to assemble and only goes together one way so it’s impossible to put together incorrectly.